printserver for android phone [raspberry pi]

based on:
german video:
german tutorial:

install the software:
sudo apt-get install cups

edit cupsd.conf:
sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
listen localhost:631
replace with
Listen *:631

restrict access to the server...
insert between Location
Allow @Local

a little under it by
Allow @Local

a little under it by
Allow @Local

safe it

restart cups:
sudo service cups restart

sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi

get the ip of your pi:
ifconfig (etho) get ip adress for you pi
insert usb cable of printer to pi
in browser
administration ->addprinter
verwaltung->drucker hinzuf├╝gen
accept certificate
linux user +pw
choose printer ->next
activate “share this printer”
choose correct driver
->add printer
->set default options
->printer->change default settings
print quality economy

on cups(192.168.1.xx:631):
printer do testprint

if you like to use it from Android:
install lets print
press on menu add printer and search for one
choose it and then do a testprint


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