code searching / searching / search engines

search multiple text files in linux for a string:
grep -rnw /path/to/somewhere/ -e pattern
grep -rn /path/to/somewhere/ -e pattern #without w so also search for substrings

search in debian:
cd /
find / -name "Keyword*" #search everything beginning with Keyword..
find / -iname "*keyword*" #ignore case + word can also be in the middle

code searching:

other search engines:
————————————————— #very fast!


search with ixquick on special site:
————————————————— display

search in google:
based on:
"name_of_the_file" + "download" -name
"google hacks" filetype:pdf

google webpage optimizations: (faster pages are ranked better in SEO) #check pagespeed and get improvement suggestions
#see actually pagerank #see how your site looks on other devices


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