Browser Addons / add search engines / shortcuts [palemoon, iceweasel, firefox, opera, vivaldi, iron, chrome]

Firefox/ Iceweasel/ Palemoon:

to edit the config write:

to open addons write in adressbar:
about:addons #instead of ghostery and ublock maybe #better for lot of opened tabs #download lot of files from a page #block advertising #no script #block tracker (einstellungen->optionen->erweitert->deaktiviere “warnfeld anzeigen”) #disable loading pictures #offline qr-code #more results per page #download videos #unblock youtube videos // better privacy

Use Ctrl+K and/or Alt+Arrows to quickly select a searchextension.

firefox change startpage (complicated way):
paste into the webbrowserbar “about:config”
i’ll be careful,I promise!
search for: “browser.startup.homepage”
double click the result and replace “about:startpage” with “”

firefox shortcuts:
Alt + POS1 = startpage
ctrl + “+” = zoom into page
ctrl+ “-” = zoom out page
ctrl + “0” = reset zoom
ctrl + “W” = close tab
ctrl + “F4” = close tab
ctrl + “T” = new Tab
ctrl + “N” = new Window
ctrl + “H” = History
ctrl + “D” = bookmark this page
ctrl + “B” = bookmark sidebar
F5 = reload page

I got the error:
“Sorry, you need a Mozilla-based browser (such as Firefox) to install a search plugin.”

deactivate the addon “Unity Desktop Integration 3.0.2”
then it should work

Android firefox addons: #block advertising

Opera addons:  #block advertising #block trackers    #offline qr-code //not script

vivaldi /iron /chrome addons: #ublock-origin
chrome-extension://cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm/dashboard.html #setup ublock-origin #same as noscript for firefox
chrome-extension://ogfcmafjalglgifnmanfmnieipoejdcf/dashboard.html #setup umatrix


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