security [windows]

1) pc security
—1.1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
—1.2) SpyBot-Search-Destroy(malewarebytes ist besser)
—1.3) ccleaner
—1.4) wise_registry_cleaner
—1.5) adwcleaner
—1.6) glary utilities
—1.7) other tools if your pc is infected
2) browser security
3) router security
—3.1) network check (checks your router)
—3.2) deactivate dhcp in router?
4) get ip addresses
5) check file for virus online
6) delete not used accounts
7) debug your programs
8) other links

1) pc security:

1.1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
b) datenbanken aktualisieren
c) suchlauf
d) quarantäne
e) verlauf->auswählen löschen

1.2) SpyBot-Search-Destroy(malewarebytes ist besser):
b) update
c) suchlauf

1.3) ccleaner:
b) junk
c) registry

1.4) wise_registry_cleaner:
b) registry clean
c) registry defrag

1.5) adwcleaner:
b) sicher zu löschende auswählen
c) andere abwählen
d) löschen

1.6) glary utilities:
b) link with panda for updated programs
c) 1 click wartung (privatsphäre aktivieren)
d) registry bereinigung

1.7) other tools if your pc is infected:
I) clam av free antivirus
II) clam sentinel real time scanner free
III) herd protect – scan your pc with 68 antivirus very fast through cloud
IV) malware bytes antiexploit – protect browsers from exploits
V) norton noscript.exe utility to stop scripting outside the web browser in case you do get a trojan
VI) foolishit – program for stopping cryptoware trojans.
(most of this stuff is set and forget
it doesnt run all the time)

2) browser security:

3) router security:

3.1) network check (checks your router):

3.2) deactivate dhcp in router?

4) get ip addresses:

5) check file for virus online:

6) delete not used accounts: #is it easy to delete an account?

7) debug your programs #open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows #freeware /for 32bit prgms ollydbg #needs to be compiled opensource /for 32/64bit prgms Evan’s Debugger inspired by ollydbg

8) other links:


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