blender [tutorials/shortcuts/stuff]

change keys for rotation and move in blender:



explode model:

test room for models:

texture in cycles:

blender font to logo:
add -> text
sidebar right -> load new font from file -> change folder to “/home/xxfreddyxx/.local/share/fonts/” or “/usr/share/fonts” and choose your font
extrude it and change depth

blender 360° render:

normal maps in blender:

blender mesh align plus:!%29

51 good shortcuts:

steps to create a model for turbosquid:
skin modifier
subdivide modifier
apply skin modifier
apply subdivide modifier
move all parts so they fit with each other
boolean modifier with union to clean meshes inside


draw simple things with retopoflow (f to change size of pencil)
polypen from retopoflow for retopology
looptool to create bridges

setup light
unwrapping /smartuv unwrap or

change brush size:
simply hold down F
then move mousebutton to change size

duplicate object:
shift + d

origin to geometry:

merge verticles:

merge faces:
mark some verticles:
edit mode (verticles)
rightclick first verticle
then hold down control and click next to the verticles to mark them

mark some lines:
edit mode (line)
rightclick first line
then hold down control and click next to the line to mark them

mark some faces:
edit mode (faces)
rightclick first face
then hold down control and click next to the faces to mark them

enable rotate arround selection:
click on the top left on
file -> blender user preferences -> interface -> enable rotate arround selection
bottom left “safe user settings”

other usefull settings:

convert text into mesh:
Alt + C -> “mesh from curve/meta/surf/text”(second option)

bending your mesh (make it like a sausage):
in edit mode Shift + W

before exporting a mesh:
edit mode -> tools -> mesh tools -> remove doubles

join faces:
mark them then press “F”

blender join objects:
hold down shift (the one over the left ctrl) then mark them all one after the other with right mousebutton
strg+j to join them

undo, redo:
top left “tools” -> “history” -> “HISTORY, UNDO, REDO”

shift alt mousewheel=rotate an axis
ctrl alt mousewheel =rotate another axis
shift h=hide not select
shift ctrl or alt h=unhide all
h=hide selected verticles
ctrl+0 =switch to camera mode
on top: cycle rendered
show: rendered (not solid or wireframe)
box to light( in cycle mode) add new material emissive
monkey head add new material glossy bd..
monkey (object mode) shading smooth (on the left)
shift+d (dublicate)
render samples 500 (good result)
edit mode u (unwrap)
ctrl+alt+numpad0 (camera to viewport position)

k or ctrl+r(+mousewheel up=more)= kanten einfügen
b= select (MMB=deselect/LMB=select)
mark all->ctrl+f->tris to quads

upload avatarshape include skin weight include joint positions
(highest quality all)

mark verticles press f (line between them)
n=right menu

uv schnittkanten festlegen
(edit mode select verticles ctrl+e mark seam)
material tab
(++ for new materials)
over the one to select then press L
then assign material
then press H
do that for all
then press alt+h

mkdir blender_addons
cd blender_addons
wget -O
wget #easy edit mesh #easy create new structure on existing mesh (for clothes or things like that)

enable the IvyGen addon in blender to create “efeu”
there are ocean simulator tutorials

using primstar-addon:
*import the primstar plugin and enable it
*import sculpted map
*top right change to “uv image editor” open new image 8×512
*switch to edit mode + edit your sculpt
*top middle “render” -> “sculpt map baken”
*”image” -> “save a copy” -> enable rgba (for alpha channel)
*upload use looseless compression for the image

edit rawfile with blender:
install primstar2 plugin and enable it
also enable the addon “import-export: Raw mesh format (you find it with searching raw)
blender add->mesh->ant landscape
or to edit a raw that you generate from a black-white image:
switch in blender to uv image editor and open the 256×256 png(white is up black down)
image->add as terrain
min high 4 max high 24
edit mode->tools->smooth vertex 4 times
change back to object mode
file export sl terrain (raw) save with ending .raw

blender tree addon:
search for Sapling in addons and install it
setup your tree
bevel resolution 1
mark the tree (object mode)
Alt + C->mesh from curve
same for leaves
Alt + C->mesh from curve
then on the left mark both and choose tool transform “join”

video tutorials: #create a blueprint of a 3d plane

other stuff: #create ocean


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