slow motion video with raspberry pi camera module (RP_OV5647) [raspberrypi]

maybe try motioneyeos instead of this tutorial (cause it is easy and has lot of features):

install software:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gpac -y

strech 10 sec to a 60sec video with 15 fps

make folders:
mkdir /home/pi/cam/
mkdir /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/

create slow-motion record script:

touch /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/
chmod +x /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/
nano /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/

echo video capture start
STR=$(date +"%H-%M-%S--%d-%b-%Y")
echo $STR
raspivid -w 640 -h 480 -hf -vf -fps 90 -t 10000 -o /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/${STR}_90fps.h264
echo video captured
MP4Box -fps 15 -add /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/*90fps.h264 /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/${STR}.mp4
rm /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/*_90fps.h264
omxplayer /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/${STR}.mp4

run the script with:

now you can download your ~20.1MB video from the folder /home/pi/cam/slow_motion/


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