switches for mpc_play and mpc_stop [raspberrypi]


install software:
sudo apt-get install python-dev -y && sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio -y

create a python script:
nano /home/pi/play_stop.py

#!/usr/bin/env python
from time import sleep
import os
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

GPIO.setup(24, GPIO.IN)
GPIO.setup(25, GPIO.IN)

while True:
    if ( GPIO.input(24) == False ):
            os.system('mpc play &')
    if ( GPIO.input(25) == False ):
            os.system('mpc stop &')

make it executeable:
sudo chmod +x /home/pi/play_stop.py

add the script to startup:
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

and insert the following line before exit0:
sudo python /home/pi/play_stop.py &


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