install / setup debian (mate / gnome / xfce) [debian]

download latest testing image from

for example:
and burn the image onto a cd

debian online help:

if you want to install it with wifi:
and copy it to a usb-stick
if you want to install wifi after installation:
sudo dpkg -i firmware-realtek_0.43_all.deb

install it (with lan-cable connected):
choose update over internet while install
no root password ->first user gets root with sudo
i would prefer xfce or mate desktop but not gnome cause i had to fix lot of things to be able to work with gnome

change sourcelist first:
nano /etc/apt/sources.list

uncomment the line with “cd ..” with a “#” at the beginning
so it looks like “#deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 8.4.0..”
and add behind every line that ends with “main” a “contrib non-free” so that all that lines end with “main contrib non-free
after that run:
apt update

latest packages:
apt update && apt upgrade

enable sudo for your user:
apt install sudo
adduser xxfreddyxx sudo

now you have to logout
then login (to enable sudo)

maybe dist-upgrade debian to testing:

setup wlan (
for my pc i needed:
change sourcelist first like explained at the beginning (so you are able to install software from non-free

and finally install the wlan-firmware:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install firmware-realtek
sudo reboot

add backports (so you can install latest software for your system):
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
and add at the end:
deb jessie-backports main

colorfull bash terminal(
edit the bash.bashrc file and add at the end:
nano /etc/bash.bashrc

export LS_OPTIONS='--color=auto'
eval "`dircolors`"
alias ls='ls $LS_OPTIONS'

then run in terminal:
source /etc/bash.bashrc ~/bashrc

install some icons fonts and more:
sudo apt-get install gnome-icon-theme-full adwaita-icon-theme-full

kill wifi:
based on:
install rfkill:
sudo apt install rfkill

to block wifi:
sudo rfkill block wifi
# rfkill block bluetooth
# rfkill block all

use to reactivate the module again:
sudo rfkill unblock wifi

install some programs from terminal:
(possible to use only “apt” instead of “apt-get” for debian 8 and above)
sudo apt install k3d
sudo apt install actionaz #automatize stuff like skiuli
sudo apt install alarm-clock-applet #timer, countdown, alarm clock sounds are in /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/alarm..
or try
sudo apt install amarok #music player
sudo apt install amor #debian cat
sudo apt install amsynth #virtual synthesizer
sudo apt install antiword #read word documents for commandline usage: antiword file.doc | less
sudo apt install apcalc #simple calculator usage: calc 1+1 or: calc '(2+4)*2'
sudo apt install apt-file #search for librarys and packages that are not installed "sudo apt-file search packagename"
sudo apt install arandr #screen layout editor (no use for it)
sudo apt install arduino #arduino development
sudo apt install arista #convert music files
sudo apt install ardour #music creating
sudo apt install asciinema #record terminal session usage:asciinema rec
sudo apt install asunder lame
sudo apt install audacity #audio editing
sudo apt install baobab #Disk Usage Analyzer
sudo apt install bleachbit #clean old logs and more
sudo apt install blender #3d creation and more
sudo apt install brasero # burn program for Gnome
sudo apt install browser-plugin-vlc
sudo apt install build-essential
sudo apt install Cairo-Dock #maybe looks better than docky
sudo apt install caja-image-converter #Caja extension to mass resize or rotate images
sudo apt install caja-open-terminal #in MATE to open terminal from caja file explorer
sudo apt install calibre #books
sudo apt install ccal #colored calendar all commands like for cal (some info about cal is in terminal useage)
sudo apt install cheese #webcam program but did not find webcam
sudo apt install cherrytree #notes
sudo apt install chromium #webbrowser
sudo apt install cinnamon #alternative debian launcher from linuxmint
sudo apt install clamav clamtk # also clamav-daemon ? (virus scan)
sudo apt install claws-mail #fast lightweight email client
sudo apt install clipit #clipboard manager
sudo apt install cmake #cross-platform, open-source make system
sudo apt install codeblocks #develop code like eclipse
sudo apt install convertall #convert meters to inch and more
sudo apt install cowsay fortune lolcat #colorful random fortunes in a bubble over a cow usage: "fortune |cowsay | lolcat"
sudo apt install cups cups-client ##Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interface
sudo apt install curl #command line tool for transferring data with URL
sudo apt install darktable #i prefer rawtherapee#photoediting (darktable=name based on creating photos oldschool)
sudo apt install deb-gview #GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents usage: deb-geview packagename.deb
sudo apt install dia #boxes connected with arrows (structure maps)
sudo apt install dialog pv
sudo apt install diffuse #compare files
sudo apt install digikam #picture sorting/editing not that good
sudo apt install dillo #lightweight webbrowser
sudo apt install diodon #best clipboard manager for ubuntu mate
sudo apt install ditaa
sudo apt install docky #enable fade on hide (graphic glitch gone after that)
sudo apt install dooble #webbrowser
sudo apt install doublecmd-common doublecmd-gtk doublecmd-plugins #filebrowser like totalcommander
sudo apt install duff #detect duplicated files (TERMINAL DUFF) eg: duff -r folder_name
sudo apt install eclipse
sudo apt install Ekiga #voice over ip and videochat
sudo apt install empathy #messanger
sudo apt install epiphany-browser #webbrowser
sudo apt install etherape #check pc connections / traffic (like wireshark but lot easier cause more graphical)
sudo apt install etoys #make a virtual car and drive it (for stupid children)
sudo apt install fail2ban
sudo apt install fbi #view pictures on terminal usage: fbi -a myphoto.jpg
sudo apt install filezilla #do not forget to set a master password after install
sudo apt install flameshot #screenshot tool with possibility to edit them
sudo apt install florence #onscreenkeyboard
sudo apt install focuswriter#just concentrate on writing
sudo apt install fotowall #create wordclouds
sudo apt install freecad #install FreeCAD #help for freecad #developing freecad
sudo apt install freemind #mindmap
sudo apt install fritzing #create electronic maps
sudo apt install fslint #clean system (biggest packages, duplicates, empty folders)
sudo apt install fswebcam #make webcam snapshots
sudo apt install gajim #xmpp, jabber client #possible to make video calls with Jingle (protocol)
sudo apt install gbrainy #nice games to train your brain
sudo apt install gcal #print and calculate calendars
sudo apt install gcc
sudo apt install gddrescue #
sudo apt install gdebi #install packages
sudo apt install geda #something like fritzing
sudo apt install genius gnome-genius #math tool
sudo apt install ghex #hex file editor
sudo apt install gimagereader #otr image read (only english?)
sudo apt install gimp #gnome image manipulating program
sudo apt install gimp-gap #gimp animation package
sudo apt install gimp-gmic #GREYC's Magic for Image Computing - GIMP Plugin
sudo apt install git-core #fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
sudo apt install glabels #buisness cards cdlabels labels tickets
sudo apt install gnome-commander #total commander clone
sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility #write images on sd cards or sticks (Accessories > Drives)
sudo apt install gnome-font-viewer #font viewer for GNOME
sudo apt install gnome-schedule #geplante aufgaben (crontab gui)
sudo apt install gnome-software
sudo apt install gnome-software-common
#Software Center for GNOME
sudo apt install gnome-system-monitor #check cpu upload/download
sudo apt install gnucash #also with bill
sudo apt install gnupg2 #needs softwaresource testing
sudo apt install gobby-infinote #edit documents with together with others
sudo apt install goldendict
#get dictionarys:
#how to import:
sudo apt install gpa #gnu privacy assistent (had an error)
sudo apt install gpa #gui to create personal key usage:"gpa --disable-x509" #
sudo apt install gparted #GNOME partition editor
sudo apt install gpaste #clipboard manager;not good for mate; try diodon on mate; you will find it in "system > settings > personal > gpaste" #not that good for mate
sudo apt install gpick #get the color from everywhere on the screen
sudo apt install grace #show dataplots
sudo apt install gramps #create family tree (berichte->grafiken->beziehungsgrafiken)
sudo apt install grsync #GTK+ frontend for rsync
sudo apt install gscan2pdf #scan a file and convert the pdf to text german,engslish,dutch..
sudo apt install gthumb #view pictures and delete the meta infos
sudo apt install gzip #GNU compression utilities
sudo apt install handbrake #video transcoder
sudo apt install hexchat #irc client
sudo apt instal htop #system monitor
sudo apt install hugin #panorama editor
sudo apt install hydrogen #great beat maker
sudo apt install icedove #thunderbird clone (email client)
sudo apt install iceweasel #firefox clone
sudo apt install idjc #internet dj console
sudo apt install imagemagick #image manipulation programs -- binaries
sudo apt install iftop #displays bandwidth usage information on an network example usage: sudo iftop -i wlan0
sudo apt install Inkscape #vectorized paint program
sudo apt install iptraf #check traffic seams complicated
sudo apt install k3b ## burn program for KDE cds /dvds
sudo apt install kaffeine #watch TV -versatile media player for KDE
sudo apt install kazam #screen recorder /not working?
sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop #default gdm3 (not kdm) enter
sudo apt install kdenlive # easy and reliable video editor
sudo apt install KDiff3 #check 2 or 3 files for differences
sudo apt install keepass2 #manage passwords
sudo apt install kicad #making pcbs like eagle
sudo apt install klatexformula #create a picture out of a latex formular
sudo apt install KMouseTool #automate mouse
sudo apt install KMyMoney #money planing
sudo apt install knowthelist #dj program
sudo apt install kodi #previous xbmc media center
sudo apt install kore #kodi client
( read kodi log: less $HOME/.kodi/temp/kodi.log )
sudo apt install kraft #for small buisness management bills..
sudo apt install krename #rename files
sudo apt install krita #draw pictures (looks complicated)
sudo apt install kteatime #simple timer
sudo apt install ktorrent #torrent downloader
sudo apt install kturtle #learn programming (just for stupid children)
sudo apt install kvkbd #good virtual keyboard
sudo apt install libimage-exiftool-perl usage: exiftool -a -G1 "$File" #to check if there is any important metadata
sudo apt install librecad #simple 2d construction program
sudo apt install libreoffice #office suit
sudo apt install libreoffice-base #databases
sudo apt install libreoffice-calc #like exel
sudo apt install libreoffice-draw
sudo apt install libreoffice-impress #presentations
sudo apt install libreoffice-math
sudo apt install libreoffice-writer #like word
to install languagetool download and open it.
sudo apt install libttspico-utils #pico text2speach for ubuntu
sudo apt install lifeograph #diary program
sudo apt install LinSSID #scan wlans #for a few results use sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | grep \(Channel
sudo apt install lmms #create beats and songs (more complicated)
sudo apt install lshw #list hardware to test it run: sudo lshw
sudo apt install luckyBackup #backup folders
sudo apt install lynx #text-based webbrowser (start from terminal) lynx
sudo apt install macchanger #choose “no” do not automatic change
sudo apt install make #utility for directing compilation
sudo apt install makehuman #from testing repo -Modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters
sudo apt install marble #world globe
sudo apt install mat #metadata anonymisation toolkit
sudo apt install maxima wxMaxima#gui calculation of polynoms matrix integrations more
sudo apt install meld #compare files gui
sudo apt install me-tv #from testing repo -Me TV, it's TV for me computer
sudo apt install mixxx #dj consoles, sound mixer two vinyl player
sudo apt install mono-complete
sudo apt install morituri #cd ripper ,got titles from the web usage:
sudo apt install mozo #gui for MATE to add launchers (system->einstellungen->hauptmenu)
sudo apt install mpv #movie player
sudo apt install mumble #voice conference client
sudo apt install Mupdf #pdf viewer
sudo apt install musescore #create songs by musicnotes
sudo apt install mutt # email client with gnupg or so start with:mutt #(keys for usage in the top of the program) supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threading
sudo apt install MyPaint #simple easy picture paint (also for touch)
sudo apt install netwag #usefull shows own hostname,ip
sudo apt install obs-studio #stream your screen and cam to twitch or others (maybe only in sid avaliable)
sudo apt install octave #opensource matlab alternative
sudo apt install openarena #from testing repo -fast-paced 3D first-person shooter
sudo apt install openscad #programable cad
sudo apt install openshot #video editor
sudo apt install owncloud-client #webstorage
sudo apt install p7zip-full #7z and 7za file archivers with high compression
sudo apt install pastebinit post code to pastebin useage: pastebinit -a AuthorFred -t FredsTitleOfPaste -i filename
sudo apt install patch #Apply a diff file to an original
sudo apt install pavucontrol #to change audio-input
sudo apt install pcsxr #>ps1 emulator, works for drivers ,0 RELOAD ? connected ps3-usb controller works
sudo apt install pdfgrep #search in pdfs
sudo apt install pdfmod #extract remove rotate.. files in pdf
sudo apt install pdfshuffler #spit and merge pdfs
sudo apt install phototonic #sort pictures
sudo apt install pidgin #messanger
sudo apt install pingus #lemming clone
sudo apt install pinta #looks like paint
sudo apt install playonlinux #install programs and games
sudo apt install PokerTH #texas holdem poker game
sudo apt install poppler-utils #convert the pdf to text (pdftotext -layout input.pdf output.txt)
sudo apt install psad #security based on Iptables-Log
sudo apt install psensor
sudo apt install psi #xmpp client ,sending files from psi to gajim with account works
sudo apt-get pv #Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through
sudo apt install python-matplotlib #library to plot graphs or# pip install matplotlib
sudo apt install python-pip #alternative Python package installer
sudo apt install python-tk #Tkinter - Writing Tk applications with Python
sudo apt install qalculate #calculator with gui
sudo apt install qbittorrent #torrent downloader
sudo apt install qelectrotech #something like fritzing
sudo apt install qemu #emulate
sudo apt install qemulator #qemu gui (virtualbricks)
sudo apt install qjackctl #control mic (eg play mic directly)
sudo apt install qlandkartegt #walking planer offline
sudo apt install qmmp #winamp clone
wget #to get good skin for qmmp
sudo apt install qmpdclient #mpd client
apt install qsynth #fluidsynth MIDI sound synthesiser front-end
sudo apt install qtqr #create and encode qrcodes
sudo apt install quassel #irc chat / maybbe better use hexchat
sudo apt install qupzilla #webbrowser
sudo apt install gwakeonlan #wake up a pc
sudo apt install rawtherapee #fotoediting, i like it more than darktable only finds pictures alone
sudo apt install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop #from testing repo -record desktop
sudo apt install remmina #connect with rdp ..
sudo apt install rsibreak #make breaks
sudo apt install saytime #tell the time with saytime or run saytime -r 60
sudo apt install scantailor #cutting borders from scans, cut scans,..
sudo apt install scilab #something with mathlab
sudo apt install screen #run a process in background
sudo apt install screenfetch run "screenfetch" to get information about your system
sudo apt install screenkey #show typed keys (good for tutorial videos)
i had problem with that version so i cloned the latest version from git:
cd ~ && git clone
for transparency in mate:
system->einstellungen->fenster->enable software compositing fensterverwaltung aktivieren
sudo apt install screenruler #stupid screenruler
sudo apt install scrot #screenshot tool #sudo scrot or sudo scrot -d10 with 10sec delay scrot -h
sudo apt install shellcheck #check bash code for problems
sudo apt install shotwell
sudo apt install shutter #screenshots
sudo apt install sikuli-ide #automate mouse and keyboard(start with: sikuli-ide)
sudo apt install simple-scan #Simple Scanning Utility
sudo apt install smplayer # radio tv video player (bottomtitle) only player with good playlist
sudo apt install sonata #mpd player
sudo apt install sonic-pi #compose music with code
sudo apt install spacefm # filemanager with dual and more panel mode
sudo apt install speedometer # measure internet bandwidth
sudo apt install sqlitebrowser #sql lite browser
sudo apt install steam #game platform
sudo apt install step #simulate physics
sudo apt install stopmotion #create stop motion animation films
sudo apt install stopwatch #timer, countdown
sudo apt install subversion #Advanced version control system
sudo apt install supertux #game
sudo apt install supertuxkart #maybe latest version is only avaliable on sid
sudo apt install sylpheed #lightweight,userfriendly email client with pgp support
sudo apt install synfigstudio #create 2d animations
sudo apt install sysbench #benchmark for the cpu of your system
sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=4 --cpu-max-prime=20000 run
sudo apt install system-config-printer #manage printers
sudo apt install tanglet #find words
sudo apt install taskcoach #todo list with dates
sudo apt install terminator #multiwindow terminal
sudo apt install TeXmaker texlive-lang-german #
sudo apt install tlp #Save battery power on laptops
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher #Downloads are located in: ~/.local/share/torbrowser/tbb/x86_64/tor-browser_de/Browser/Downloads
sudo apt install transmission #bittorrent client
sudo apt install tree #show tree structure of folders usage: tree -p
sudo apt install tryton-client #buy sale collect projectmanagement (needs also a server)
sudo apt install ttf-ancient-fonts #emoji-font
sudo apt install typecatcher #preview different fonts from google
sudo apt install ufw gufw #firewall, start it from terminal: gufw
fix gufw starter: sudo nano usr/share/applications/gufw.desktop and put a # infront of the line "#OnlyShowIn=Unity;"
sudo apt install unp #unpack lot of formats with one simple command (unp filename)
sudo apt install unrar
sudo apt install unrar-free #unrar files
sudo apt install unzip zip
sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk #burn an image onto sd card or usb stick
sudo apt install vim
sudo apt install vim-gnome #terminal editor (write vim in terminal)
sudo apt install vinagre # remote desktop view (rdp/vnc/ssh)
sudo apt install vino #VNC server for GNOME
sudo apt install virtualbox #Oracle VM VirtualBox
sudo apt install vlc #play videos/sounds/streams
sudo apt install vmpk #virtual piano (no working sound)
sudo apt install vokoscreen #create screencast
sudo apt install vym #mindmaps ,manage your thoughts
sudo apt install wavemon #scan for wlans, run it with: sudo wavemon then press F3
sudo apt install weechat # irc client for terminal
sudo apt install wifi-radar #see and edit wifi networks
sudo apt install wine #windows emulation for programs
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install wine32
sudo apt install winff #video converter
sudo apt install wings3d #3d modelling
sudo apt install wireshark #needs a yes dialog on install for sniff packages not as root
sudo apt install xarchiver #unzip,untar..files
sudo apt install xournal #write text and so on and create a pdf out of it
sudo apt install xsane #scanning pics
sudo apt install yagf #graphical frontend for tesseract ocr
sudo apt install zeitgeist-explorer #have a look at your zeitgeist logs
sudo apt install zenmap #nmap gui
sudo apt-get autoremove

install xautoclick:

install obs:

install discord:
based on:

sudo dpkg -i discord-*.deb

if you run into the error:
“Errors were encountered while processing:
sudo apt install -f

install tuptime:

install freetube:
sudo dpkg -i FreeTube_*_amd64.deb
sudo apt install -f

install nextcloud:
based on:

sudo su
echo 'deb /' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nextcloud-client.list
wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
apt-get update
apt-get install nextcloud-client

install unattended-upgrades:
sudo apt-get install unattended-upgrades

test run for security upgrades:
sudo unattended-upgrades --dry-run

based on:

chmod +x FreeCAD-*.AppImage

(doubleclick it to start it)

install remarkable markdown editor:
sudo dpkg -i remarkable_1.87_all.deb

remove the deb file:
rm remarkable*.deb
if you run into errors while install try:
sudo apt install -f

install shotcut:
install unp to unpack:
sudo apt install unp -y

get it and install it:
cd ~
#echo `pwd`
unp shotcut*.tar.bz2
rm shotcut*.tar.bz2
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
cp ~/Shotcut/Shotcut.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/Shotcut.desktop
cd ~/.local/share/applications/
sed -i 's:$(dirname "%k"):/home/'$USER'/Shotcut:' Shotcut.desktop

nano show code line numbers:
nano ~./nanorc #for local user
cd /etc && nano nanorc for global (all users)
then add at the end:
set const

install cudatext:
based on:

sudo dpkg -i cudatext_*_amd64.deb

install texamator (for exercise papers):
based on:
git clone
cd texamator/

install commandline todo list manager ikog:
git clone
cd ikog/
chmod +x

test it:
add coding rocket sience

create a starter for ikog:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
nano ikog.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=todo list for commandline

go for it todo and timer:
sudo dpkg -i go-for-it*_amd64.deb

install etcher[burn images to usb sticks]:
based on:

run in terminal:
mkdir .etcher
cd .etcher
unp etcher-*.zip
rm etcher-*.zip

install veracrypt:

install Byobu:
sudo apt install byobu #its an extension script for screen or tmux; start it with byobu F2:new session F3:previous session F4:next session ctrl+c:kill process ctrl+d kill all tabs and session
start byobu with ssh login:

create a starter for byobu:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
nano byobu.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Byobu Terminal
Comment=Advanced Command Line and Text Window Manager
Exec=env TERM=xterm-256color byobu

install liquidprompt:
git clone
source liquidprompt/liquidprompt

edit bashrc:
nano ~/.bashrc
and add at the end:

# Only load Liquid Prompt in interactive shells, not from a script or from scp
[[ $- = *i* ]] && source ~/liquidprompt/liquidprompt

setup background in xfce:
cd /usr/share/backgrounds
sudo wget
sudo wget
sudo wget -O softwavewallpaper.png ''

if you like to have another picture:

whiskermenu > einstellungen > einstellungen >schreibtisch > hintergrund

or if you have lot of free space (4 GB or more or less) you can try lot of panoramas:
mkdir panoramas
cd ~/panoramas
chmod +x

do not hide user on login screen:
sudo nano /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/01_debian.conf
and set greeter-hide-user to false

install sfxr (retrogame sound generator):
sudo dpkg -i sfxr-*.deb

install cherry brush (paint program):
mkdir cherrybrush
cd cherrybrush
sudo wine CherryBrush.exe

install navi traveling_salesman:

to run it:
java -jar traveling_salesman-1.0.3-RC1.jar

changing from nouveau to nvidia-driver:
sudo apt install nvidia-driver

if you accidently removed nvidia-driver with:
sudo apt purge nvidia-driver
graphics will not work anymore..
so you have to start pc in boot menu choose your entry press “e” then write at the end of the line that starts with “linux” nomodeset
login with your user “xxfreddyxx” and install nvidia-driver again with:
sudo apt install nvidia-driver

install manuskript:
sudo apt install python3-lxml git-core python3-pip

pip3 install pyqt5

git clone

to run it:

or create a starter:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
nano manuskript.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=program to write books

use the correct username in starter:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
sed -i 's/xxUserxx/'$USER'/' manuskript.desktop

install gradio:
based on:

get it and install it:
#sudo dpkg -i gradio_*.deb
#rm gradio_*.deb

sudo apt install flatpak
flatpak install --from

to remove it:
sudo apt-get purge gradio

or for ubuntu you can try it this way:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:haecker-felix/gradio-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install gradio

install kaku:
simply use:
sudo su
wget$(wget -O - | egrep '/.*/.*/Kaku.*amd64.deb' -o) && dpkg -i Kaku*.deb

unzip Kaku-linux*.zip

to start it manually:
create a starter:
get an icon:
mkdir ‐p ~/.local/share/icons/
cd ~/.local/share/icons/
wget -O kaku.png

cd ~/.local/share/applications
nano kaku.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=listen youtube videos

use the correct username in starter:
cd ~/.local/share/applications
sed -i 's/xxUserxx/'$USER'/' kaku.desktop

install cumulus weather:
based on:

get it and install it:
sudo dpkg -i cumulus_*.deb
rm cumulus_*.deb

to remove it:
sudo apt-get purge cumulus

install dukto:

install prntscr:

install and start languagetool (standalone version):
unzip LanguageTool*.zip
cd LanguageTool-3.9/
java -jar languagetool.jar

or if you have libreoffice installed:
download and open it.

Download german-de-de-1901-old-spelling-dictionaries and open it.

it asks:”You are about to install the extension ‘German (DE) old spell dictionaries and new thesaurus’.
Click ‘OK’ to proceed with the installation.
Click ‘Cancel’ to stop the installation.”

click “OK”
close libre office.
click “Restart Now”

open writer:
tools > automatic spell checking.

install atom editor:
download the latest deb:

for example:

install dependencies:
sudo apt install gvfs-bin

and install atom:
cd Downloads/
sudo dpkg --install atom-amd64.deb

enable line wrap:
edit > preferences
activate [x]soft wrap

install open-path:
edit > preferences > install
search “open-path” and install it
usage: mark the link then leftclick it and select open path

make the scrollbar orange and bigger:
based on:
edit > stylesheet
and paste at the end:

.scrollbars-visible-always {
  /deep/ ::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 8px;
    height: 8px;

    &-track {
      border: 0px;
      border-radius: 0px;
      background-color: black !important;

    &-thumb {
      background-color: #FF7A00 !important;
      border: 0px;
      border-radius: 0px;

install brl cad:
wget\ for\ Linux/7.24.2/brlcad_7.24.2-0_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i brlcad_*_amd64.deb

tv with tv-cards:

install cool retro term:

install apk-tool:

compile and install f-engrave:

pressed buttons for screencast:

install kontalk:

install tlp to save battery:

install shellpic:

install licecap: #screen gif recorder

install gifcam: #screen gif recorder

install gyazo:

install unity:

remove iceweasel:
sudo apt-get purge iceweasel #try palemoon or qupzilla

install latest lifeograph:

install flash player:

install syncthing:

install android studio:

install makehuman:

install notepadpp:

better install notepadqq:

install and usage asunder cd ripper:

install and use xrdp server on laptop:

install sweethome3d:

encrypt and decrypt files with gpg:

forward a x-application over ssh from rpi to debian:

setup CanoScan LiDE 200:

install kenotaph-daemon: #check if a device is in network by scanning packages

using openvpn:


browser addons:

useage fritzing:

download youtube mp3 song from terminal:

emulate raspbian in qemu:


run program without internet:

export and import images from virtualbox:

measure internet bandwidth:

add some fonts:

install virtualbox latest version:

install makehuman:

Install Electrum(bitcoin wallet):
sudo apt install python-qt4 python-pip
sudo pip install

remove electrum:
sudo pip uninstall electrum

install natron [debian 64bit]
sudo dpkg -i natron_*_amd64.deb

remove natron:
sudo apt-get purge natron

watermark more pictures at once:
unzip -d ~

run it with:

install kiwix and goldendict:

use sikuli:

run sikuli from terminal:
sikuli-ide -r ~/Schreibtisch/sikuli_test_program.sikuli

install flash: #you need non-free in your sourcelist
sudo apt install flashplugin-nonfree

update flash:
sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install

remove flash:
sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --uninstall
sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree

install XnViewMP (picture managing):
sudo dpkg -i XnViewMP*.deb

remove XnViewMP:
sudo dpkg -P xnview #purge

install latest GanttProject (projectmanagement):
cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i ganttproject_*.deb

remove ganttproject:
sudo dpkg -P ganttproject #purge

german optical character recognize for gimagereader:
cd /usr/share/tesseract-ocr/tessdata
sudo wget

install latest synfigstudio:#animate 2d videos
cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i synfigstudio_1.0.2_amd64.deb

remove synfigstudio:
sudo dpkg -P synfigstudio #purge

install teamviewer debian:
for ubuntu you have to do first:
sudo apt install libjpeg62 -y
sudo apt install libxtst6 -y

add multiarch( based on ):
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update #to remove the architekture you use :sudo dpkg –remove-architecture i386
then download and install it:
sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_i386.deb

if you get:
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of teamviewer:
teamviewer depends on libfontconfig1.
teamviewer depends on libjpeg62.
teamviewer depends on libxinerama1.
teamviewer depends on libxrandr2.

sudo apt install -f

to run teamviewer:

remove teamviewer:
dpkg -l | teamviewer
sudo dpkg -P teamviewer #purge

remove i386 architecture:
based on:
sudo apt-get purge ".*:i386"
sudo dpkg --remove-architecture i386
sudo apt-get update

install minitube(youtube):
sudo apt install gdebi
sudo gdebi minitube64.deb

remove minitube:
sudo apt-get remove minitube*

install hotshots:
sudo apt install libqt4-dev libqxt-dev
mkdir hotshots
cd ./hotshots
wget -O
unzip -d ~/hotshots
cd HotShots-2.2.0-src
cd build
dpkg-buildpackage -tc -b -rfakeroot #tc=clean-after b=binary-only
cd ..
sudo dpkg --install hotshots_2.2.0_amd64.deb

remove hotshots:
dpkg -l | grep 'hotshots' #list
sudo dpkg -P hotshots

install yed: #same as dia (boxes connected with arrows/similar to dia)
wget -O
chmod +x

install calibre(bookcase):
sudo wget -nv -O- | sudo python -c "import sys; main=lambda:sys.stderr.write('Download failedn'); exec(; main()"

autodesk meshmixer (make object ready for 3d printing/also good retopology):
based on:
installing the .deb file on debian failed for me
so i installed it in virtualbox (win764bit)

install Alchemy (draw lines and more | ):
unp Alchemy-svn573.tar.gz
cd Alchemy
chmod +x Alchemy

install lightshot(screenshot+directly edit):
sudo apt install wine
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install wine32

do not run this as superuser!
wine ./setup-lightshot.exe
rm setup-lightshot.exe

install blender:

install blender:
sudo apt install blender -y && sudo apt-get purge blender -y #so you get the extra libs you need
tar -xvf blender-*.tar.bz2

then move to the directory ~/blender-2.76b-linux-glibc211-x86_64 and doubleclick “blender” to start it
or just run this script from terminal:

or just install the latest blender over steam (instruction below)

install steam
(based on
sudo apt install libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libc6:i386
sudo dpkg -i steam.deb
rm steam.deb

search it and start it
or start it from terminal: steam
dota 2:
(install latest blender over steam)

blender shortcuts/tutorials:

clean debian:
clean stuff:
sudo apt-get autoclean -y
sudo apt-get autoremove -y
sudo apt-get clean -y

clean logs:
sudo rm -r /var/log/*

clean things with bleachbit:
run bleachbit once with user and once with admin rights

remove icedove:
sudo apt-get purge icedove*

enable changeable screen brightness with hotkeys:
(for my intel graphic card based on )
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
change it from
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux"
in my case it was not working so i tryed:
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"
after that update grub:
sudo update-grub

if you use trippleboot like (also update grub in ubuntu)
sudo update-grub

install cheat (useage: “cheat sed” or “cheat curl” or “cheat date”.. ) #best just use ‘man program_name’
(but you can also use double tab it autocompletes too)
apt install python-pip
pip install cheat

edit an existing cheat:
cheat -e foo
sudo nano /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cheat/cheatsheets/foo

add a new cheat:
cheat -e foo
sudo nano /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cheat/cheatsheets/foo

update a pip:

sudo pip install PackageNameHere --upgrade
sudo pip install cheat --upgrade

remove a pip:
sudo pip uninstall PackageNameHere
sudo pip uninstall cheat

find all installed packages:
cd /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

install canon pixma ts6150
based on:

for printing:
unp cnijfilter2-5.50-1-deb.tar.gz
cd cnijfilter2-5.50-1-deb

for scanning:
unp scangearmp2-3.50-1-deb.tar.gz
cd scangearmp2-3.50-1-deb

to run it:

you may run into problems if you do not disable your firewall..

if you need the latest sane things:(it broke my package system..)
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rolfbensch/sane-git
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

install hp laserjet p1005 printer on debian:
plugin the printer and turn it on
run in terminal:
sudo apt install hplip -y
sudo hp-setup -i

select usb printer:
download plugin:
y(to accept license)
Please enter a name for this print queue:
Found PPD file: drv:///hpcups.drv/hp-laserjet_p1005.ppd
Enter a location description for this printer (q=quit)
Enter additonal information or notes for this printer (q=quit) ?
Would you like to print a test page (y=yes*, n=no, q=quit) ?

if you run into problems: remove hplib and reinstall the latest code of the printer:
based on:
sudo apt-get purge hplip hplip-gui
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/hplip
sudo rm -rf /etc/hp
sudo rm -rf ~/.hplip
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/hp

install latest hplip from
sudo apt install cups cups-client #hplip-gui hplip
chmod +x
sudo sh

remove printing jobs:
sudo system-config-printer #if not already installed you can install it with sudo apt install system-config-printer


based on:
lpq -a
lprm 264 #to delete job 264

or terminal:
sudo service cups stop
sudo rm -r /var/spool/cups #completed jobs
sudo rm -r /var/spool/cups/tmp #in-progress jobs
sudo service cups start

if your printer stopped working:
go to http://localhost:631/printers/
choose your printer
then choose “resume” “administration”

add local domain
sudo nano /etc/hosts
nano /etc/hosts

192.168.1.xx pi

easy notes editing:
on android use papyrus Ex (
in gedit
menu->view->enable sitebar
top left move from “documents” to “filemanager”

i had a problem with apt-get update and fixed it this way:
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
uncomment with a “#” the line with “cd-rom..”

change the default program for viewer pictures:
rightclick properties->open with->eom picture viewer

get cpu and gpu temperatures:
sudo apt install psensor #nvidia card only working after installing their graphic drivers
psensor > Sensoreinstellungen > Alarm > Obere Grenze 75°C

different desktops:

cinnamon desktop related stuff:

sudo apt-get install cinnamon-core
sudo apt install cinnamon

xfce desktop related stuff:

rm bluetooth manager from autostart:
#sudo rm /etc/xdg/autostart/blueman.desktop
sudo mv /etc/xdg/autostart/blueman.desktop /home/$USER/Desktop/blueman.desktop

add to panel “pulse audio plugin”

video worked for some sites after installing cinnamon, but youtube was unable to jump in videos after that:
sudo apt install cinnamon

Einstellungen > Einstellungen > Fensterverwaltung > Erweitert >
Arbeitsfläche wechseln, wenn die Bildschirmecke erreicht wird
[ ]Mit dem Mauszeiger [ ]mit einem gezogenen Fenster

to use thunar as sftp simply write in the path line:

to be able to extract zipped files with thunar:
sudo apt install xarchiver

show the battery icon:
powermanager > [x] show notification symbol

enable transparency of windows:
Settings->Window Manager Tweaks->compositor
einstellungen> feineinstellungen der fensterverwaltung > komposit > anzeigenkomposit aktivieren

install xfce desktop: (based on:
sudo apt install xfce4
sudo apt install xfce4-goodies
sudo apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin

einstellungen -> erscheinungbild -> oberfläche ->xfce-flat
add whiskermenu:
rechtsclick auf die leiste ->leiste -> leisteneinstellungen -> objekte -> (+) whiskermenu
dann das alte anwendungsmenü löschen

add eieruhr to panel:
rightclick on the panel > add new element > xfce4 eieruhr
rightclick on xfce-eieruhr > eigenschaften > [x]benutze den vorgegebenen Alarmbefehl:
aplay /usr/share/sounds/speech-dispatcher/test.wav

backup the eieruhr timers:
cp ~/.config/xfce4/panel/XfceTimer.rc ~/Schreibtisch/XfceTimer.rc

backup all xfce settings:
cp ~/.config/xfce4/ ~/Schreibtisch/xfce4

backup bleachbit:
cp ~/.config/bleachbit/bleachbit.ini ~/Schreibtisch/bleachbit.ini

restore timers:
xfce4-panel --quit #quit xfce panel
nano ~/.config/xfce4/panel/XfceTimer.rc #edit the timers
xfce4-panel #start xfce4-panel again

if you have problems with ntfs usb-drives (no rights to write on them):
sudo apt install ntfs-3g

to be able to connect android phones:
sudo apt install gvfs-backends #to be able to mount your android phone with mtp protocol
after that reboot computer
it seams to work only good on my usb2 not on my usb3 port…

xfce -> einstellungen -> tastatur
Ctrl +Alt +D =show desktop
Ctrl +Alt +T =open terminal
Alt +Print =screenshot #in xubuntu, for debian you have to setup it yourself

setup debian screenshot shortcut for “print”:
Setting Manager -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts and click Add command. Add this command:
xfce4-screenshooter -s ~/Schreibtisch
then press “print-button”

enable changeable sound volume with hotkeys:
menü einstellungen tastatur tastenkürzel für anwendungen -> hinzufügen
amixer sset -q Master,0 5%- #then press fn+ arrow-down
amixer sset -q Master,0 5%+ #then press fn+ arrow-up
amixer sset -q Master,0 toggle #then press fn+ toggle-mute-button

for more stuff for xfce have a look at:

mate desktop related stuff:

sudo caja #root explorer in mate; use F3 to switch to split screen view
Mate snapping windows(drag the window to the left or right and it will be half size of the screen):
System->Einstellungen->Fenster->Platzierung->Nebeneinander kacheln aktivieren
caja plugin:
sudo apt install caja-open-terminal

gnome desktop related stuff:

if you first installed mate and also want to install gnome:
sudo tasksel
mark with space GNOME then move with tabulator to and press enter

nautilus plugin:
sudo apt install nautilus-open-terminal

enable create files from rightclick-menue
open terminal:
cd Templates/ #cd Vorlagen/
touch txt.txt

gnome-tweak-tool (optimierungswerkzeug)
search in dash for gnome-tweak-tool and open it

desktop (arbeitsoberfläche):
-> symbols on workspace

-> titlebar buttons(knöpfe der titelleiste) -> activate: minimize maximize (maximieren,minimieren)

top bar (obere leiste):
-> date
anwendungsmenu anzeigen->aus

-> application menu
-> native window placement
-> place status indicator
-> window list
-> workspace indicator

in iceweasel open “about:addons” -> “plugins” -> “gnome shell integration” -> “always active” #percent behind icon in top right corner #icon in top right corner #set settings for connected and not connected #showing favorites and more at the top

in iceweasel open “about:addons” -> “plugins” -> “gnome shell integration” -> “ask if it should be enabled”
check installed apps:

always show thumbnail pictures:

create desktop shortcuts:
check for possible applications:
cd /usr/share/applications/

for example create desktop-shortcuts for some installed programs:
cp /usr/share/applications/{gnome-calculator.desktop,gnome-tweak-tool.desktop,org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop,org.gnome.gedit.desktop} /home/xxUSERxx/Schreibtisch/
run them once and mark them as trustable

(you can change and view your actually shortcuts at: settings->keyboard->shortcuts)
Super (the windows-key opens an overview over all running programs)
Ctrl+ Entf (delete a file)
Crl + Alt + up arrow (move to upper workspace)
Ctrl + Alt + down arrow (move to workspace below)
Ctrl + S (save)
Alt + Space (window menu)
Alt + F4 (close window)
Alt + F2 (run a command)
Alt + F8 + leftmousebutton (move the window arround)
Super + H (hide window)
Super + S (show all windows)
Super + M (show notifications)

doublecommander shortcuts:
Ctrl + T = new tab
Ctrl + Arrow up = marked folder in new tab
ctrl + W = close active tab
F8 = delete

open a console
Ctrl + Alt + F1
Ctrl + Alt + F2
Ctrl + Alt + F3
Ctrl + Alt + F4
Ctrl + Alt + F5
Ctrl + Alt + F6

close console:
Ctrl + Alt + F7

setup docky:
press “windows-key” then write “docky” to search it then start it
it should appears on the bottom
leftclick on the docky symbol and choose settings
when it is highlighted move it from bottom to the left
docky settings:
docks->dock einstellungen->verbergen->aktivem fenster ausweichen also activate “ausblenden” (otherwise i got graphical issues)

setup the dock:
rightclick the dock and choose settings:
erscheinungsbild->activate “für jedes fenster einer anwendung einen kleinen indikator einblenden”



show always thumbnail preview for pictures in nautilus:

setup nautilus:

also have a look at:


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