install lifeograph (diary) [debian, ubuntu]

for a working version from debian sources:
sudo apt-get install -y lifeograph

For the latest version:

software for compiling:

sudo apt-get install enchant gtkmm-3.0 -y
sudo apt-get install libgcrypt11-dev -y
sudo apt-get install cmake cmake-qt-gui -y

install process:

sudo apt-get build-dep lifeograph
tar -xvf lifeograph-*.tar.gz
rm lifeograph-*.tar.gz
cd lifeograph-*
cmake .
sudo make install
#cd && sudo rm -r lifeograph-*
#do not remove the source directory or you will not be able to deinstall it!

remove lifeograph:
cd ~/lifeograph-*
sudo make uninstall

install lifeograph [ubuntu]
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lifeograph && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lifeograph

lifeograph on android:

you can easy sync the diarys between android and debian with snycthing:


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