truecrypt [raspberrypi]

maybe try veracrypt instead of truecrypt:

based on:

install it:
gzip -d truecrypt.gz
sudo cp truecrypt /usr/local/bin
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/truecrypt

keep in mind:
most veracrypt and truecrypt crackers are for the default options Encryption Algorithm:AES, hash Algorithm:SHA-512
so maybe use another option than the default one..

create a new truecrypt file:
truecrypt --create

choose following things:
Volume type:1
Enter volume path:/home/pi/truefile
Enter volume size50M
Encryption algorithm:1
Hash algorithm:1
Enter password:20x
Re-enter password:20x

make a folder:
mkdir /home/pi/mytruefolder

mount truecrypt container:
truecrypt /home/pi/truefile /home/pi/mytruefolder

for example create a file in the mounted folder:
cd /home/pi/mytruefolder
nano test.txt

dismount the folder:
truecrypt --dismount /home/pi/mytruefolder

dismount all folders:
truecrypt --dismount

more help:
truecrypt --help


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