update htc desire s to latest cyanogenmod / not stable (bad) [windows]

install the drivers[windows]:

download the android-tools unzip them with 7zip and put also your Unlock_code.bin in the unzipped folder[windows]:

download and copy the cyanogenmod-image and the gapps onto sd-card[windows]:

insert sd-card into phone and boot into fastboot mode[phone]:
Volume-down + Power -> choose fastboot
connect the phone over usb with pc

download and flash the twrp-custom recovery[windows]:
cd C:\Users\xxfreddyxx\android_tools
check for devices:
fastboot devices
fastboot flash recovery TWRP-saga-

go back to recoverymode and clean things[phone]:
choose bootloader
choose recovery
wipe: system, cache, dalvick-cache, data
install from zip your cynagenmod (cm-12.1-20150901-UNOFFICIAL-YOG4P-saga.zip) and optional gapps and after that shutdown the phone

boot into fastboot[phone]:
Volume-down + Power and choose fastboot

get the boot-file and flash it onto the phone [windows]:
unzip the cm-12.1-20150901-UNOFFICIAL-YOG4P-saga.zip and flash the boot-file from inside onto the phone
win r
cd C:\Users\xxx\xxx\fastboot-win
fastboot devices
fastboot flash boot boot.img
power down the phone

start the phone (takes some time to load)


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