linux desktop operating systems images [debian, ubuntu]

pro linux:
*hopefully no spy like prism (google and microsoft work together with prism)
*fast install and update (windows takes forever to download an update, and it takes forever to install it when you shutdown pc)
*usefull progressbar (windows progressbar shows no percentage, you do not get very much informations)
*hassle free install of a program, simply type: sudo apt install application_name (also installs all dependencies, no missing dll-files or net-version)
*you can fix bugs yourself cause it is opensource (no need to deal with updates that breaks everything again..)
*no bad company behind it (all done by a community)
*support for a very long time also for old pcs
*learn new things
*less security problems (do not need to buy a security software)
*you can tweak it a lot so it fits your needs
*there are lot of different linux distributions:

+most other distributions are based on debian (reliable)
+truely opensource and free
-not always the latest version of free software
-not every wirlesscard is supported by default (maybe have to install some software alone)

ubuntu(based on debian):
+big company behind it -> will not be gone in some time (reliable)
+easy install
+supports most wireless cards out of the box
+easy install of the latest versions of a program (ubuntu ppa’s)
+lot of tutorials for ubuntu
make ubuntu look like a mac:

linux mint (based on ubuntu, which is based on debian):



linux mint(based on ubuntu):


raspbian x86:

manjaro(based on arch):

fedora (based on the company “red hat”):
*mostly used in usa

elementaryos(based on ubuntu):


q4os(based on debian)
windows xp look like linux

solydxk (windows clone)

zorinOS: (windows clone)



SystemRescueCd (bootable CD-ROM for repairing your system):



opensuse(mostly used in germany?):

endlessos(for offline work):

or maybe try ukui: (looks similar to win 7)

usb stick images:
lernstick based on debian:
system recue:
ubuntu mate:
gparted live:
multiboot usb stick clonezilla, ubuntu:

contra linux / pro windows:
*if you are a gamer some games might not work or not work that good on linux
*most people are familar with windows apple or android cause it is mostly the default system if you buy hardware but you can use q4os (that has a windows xp look) or macbuntu that has a mac look
*most people have to deal already with windows at work
* mostly customers of software use windows


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