debian64bit install truecrypt [debian]

maybe try veracrypt instead of truecrypt:

based on:

download truecrypt:

check sha256:
sha256sum truecrypt-7.1a-linux-x64.tar.gz
(should be 43f895cfcdbe230907c47b4cd465e5c967bbe741a9b68512c09f809d1a2da1e9)

unzip and install it:
tar -xzvf truecrypt*.gz
rm truecrypt*.tar.gz
sudo ./truecrypt-7.1a-setup*

choose “install truecrypt”
choose “i accept and agree to the …”

to uninstall:

create a truecrypt folder with gui:
truecrypt # the gui

create a truecrypt folder with terminal:
truecrypt -t --create /home/mysecrets
1 enter
100M enter
1 enter
2 enter
320 random characters

keep in mind:
most veracrypt and truecrypt crackers are for the default options Encryption Algorithm:AES, hash Algorithm:SHA-512
so maybe use another option than the default one..

create a folder where you want to point your truecrypt folder to:
mkdir /home/xxfreddyxx/mytruefolder

mount the truecrypt folder:
truecrypt /home/mysecrets /home/xxfreddyxx/mytruefolder

unmount the truecrypt folder:
truecrypt --dismount /home/xxfreddyxx/mytruefolder


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