export and import images from virtualbox [debian]

install virtualbox:

export virtualbox image:
export a virtualbox image:
File->Export Appliance
…in the end you have a ova file

import a virtualbox image:
File->Import Appliance and choose your ova file

change time in your virtualbox image:
based on:

cd ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/win7/
/usr/bin/VBoxManage setextradata win7 "VBoxInternal/Devices/VMMDev/0/Config/GetHostTimeDisabled" 1
/usr/bin/VBoxManage setextradata win7 "VBoxInternal/TM/TSCTiedToExecution" 1
/usr/bin/VBoxManage modifyvm win7 --biossystemtimeoffset -51926400000
#i think only the last command really worked, but i did all

check changes:
nano ~/VirtualBox\ VMs/win7/win7.vbox

import a virtualbox image from osboxes.org:
Open VirtualBox->click New->Type OS Name->select OS Type
->click Next

->Hard drive->Use an existing virtual hard drive file->choose your xxx.vdi file

fastest backup:
go to /home/user/.VirtualBox/HardDisks and copy your .vdi file

confusing way:
backup a virtualbox image:
1) delete all snapshots of an image
2) File->Virtual Media Manager->Hard Disks
3) select your volume you want to move
4) Release
5) go to /home/user/.VirtualBox/HardDisks and copy your .vdi file

restore a virtualbox image:
1)File->Virtual Media Manager->Add->navigate to the new location->Open->OK
2)At the mainscreen select it->Settings->Storage->click IDE controller->click Add Attachment->(should be automatic added)->on right side-> Hard Disk-> choose correct .vdi-> OK


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