undelete files using testdisk – data recovery [debian, ubuntu]

based on:

TestDisk can undelete files from FAT, NTFS, exFAT and ext2 filesystem.

install testdisk:
sudo apt-get install testdisk

do a backup of the drive and work with the backup: #so testdisk will not harm the orginal data
based on:
find your device with (i will use in this example sdc1):
dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=sdc1-image bs=1M status=progress conv=noerror,sync
or if the partitioning is gone:
dd if=/dev/sdc of=sdc-image bs=1M status=progress conv=noerror,sync

useage testdisk:
sudo testdisk
No Log “enter”
choose your hard drive with arrow-up and arrow-down(for example your connected usb stick /
you get more info about your drives and partitionstable with running in terminal lsblk)
Proceed “enter”
select the default partitionstable with “enter”
Advanced “enter”
Undelete “enter”
arrow-left to move out of folder, arrow-right to move in folder
move to directory (h to hide/unhide deleted files)
mark a deleted file with arrow up and down and copy it with pressing c(the deleted ones are marked red)
choose your destination
if destination is correct press c
done 🙂

exit testdisk:
press a lot of times q

using photorec: #i think it will be installed with testdisk
sudo photorec
sudo photorec dd_partition_image.img

other programs:
sudo apt-get install foremost

sudo apt-get install gddrescue
ddrescue -d /dev/SRCDEV DEST.img DEST.log

http://linuxvoodoo.de/2015/05/linux-ddrescue/ #recover broken music cd


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