install lastest weechat [debian 64bit]

if you want an easy gui irc client:
sudo apt-get install hexchat

installl weechat from repo:
sudo apt-get install weechat #irc client
sudo apt-get purge weechat

install latest weechat from homepage:
get the packages:
wget \ \ \ \ \ \

install the packages:
sudo dpkg -i weechat-core_*_amd64.deb \
weechat-curses_*_amd64.deb \
weechat-plugins_*_amd64.deb \
weechat-dbg_*_amd64.deb \
weechat-dev_*_all.deb \
weechat-doc_*_all.deb \

remove downloaded deb files:
rm weechat*.deb

fix missing dependencies:
sudo apt-get install -f

usage weechat:
/connect freenode
/join #channelname


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