install piratebox on raspberrypi 1 B with Edimax “EW-7811UN” wlan adapter [debian]

based on:

for downloading the piratebox image install a bittorrent client:
sudo apt-get install transmission #bittorrent client

open transmission and go to file->open_url and paste the following:

write the image to the sd card

put the sd card, the Edimax “EW-7811UN” stick and a fat32 formated usb stick in the pi1B:
(connected over cable to the pi)
ssh alarm@alarmpi
ssh alarm@192.168.1.xx #password:alarm
change password:

connected to wlan “PirateBox-Share Freely”:
ssh alarm@
sudo /opt/piratebox/bin/

sudo /opt/piratebox/bin/ /opt/piratebox/conf/piratebox.conf install
sudo systemctl enable timesave

you can reach your board on:


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