buy mobile phone [android]

must have:
*possible to remove accumulator
*long useage before accu needs to be charged
*16 GB + SD-CARD slot or 32 GB
*not a really old CPU
*good camera
*good display
*no display made of glass (will break like iphones or old htc phones)
*light_sensor (automatic change screen brightness)
*latest android

*get updates (S1, S2″, official cyanogenmod phones,..)

Possible phones:
s4 mini
Galaxy j5
Galaxy j5 2016 (only in hong kong ?)
Galaxy S3 Neo
Galaxy s5
Galaxy S5 neo
Xiaomi (maybe not good for europe, only good for china?) (140 €)
ubuntu phones
cyanogenmod phones
Honor 5C #also official german support
Honor 5X #also official german support


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