working with pdfs [debian]

gui to search in lot of pdfs at the same time:
sudo apt install recoll

search in pdfs on commandline:
sudo apt install pdfgrep #
pdfgrep -rinH string\ to\ search /path/to/folder*

a lot info about a file (also pdf files):
sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl
usage: exiftool -a -G1 "$File" #to check if there is any important metadata

a few info about a pdf file:
pdfinfo filename

install pdf edit:
sudo apt-get install pdfedit

remove text from pdf file:
sudo apt install pdftk

pdftk file.pdf output unc.pdf uncompress

or nano unc.pdf
pdftk mod.pdf output com.pdf compress

clear metadata of a pdf file:
sudo apt-get install mat #to clean it
use mat to clear metadata, shrunk all things a lot for me half or so.

sudo apt-get install gscan2pdf #scan a file and convert the pdf to text german,engslish,dutch..
sudo apt-get install Mupdf #pdf viewer
sudo apt-get install pdfmod #extract remove rotate.. files in pdf
sudo apt-get install pdfshuffler #spit and merge pdfs
sudo apt-get install poppler-utils #convert the pdf to text (pdftotext -layout input.pdf output.txt)
sudo apt-get install xournal #write text and so on and create a pdf out of it

remove password protection for files:


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