usefull tools for 3d printing [debian]

3d printing software: #recplicatorg #for remote printing with pi #image for pi #image for pi #image for pi #also stl viewers #cura (opensource) for printing

sudo apt install meshlab
sudo apt install slic3r
sudo apt install printrun #pronterface
sudo apt install skeinforge #start it in terminal with skeinforge
sudo apt install repsnapper #only for debian stable

install cura:
sudo apt install python-wxgtk3.0 python-serial -y
sudo dpkg -i cura_15.04.6-debian_amd64.deb

blender 3d printing toolbox:

sell 3d prints:

buy 3d designed prints:

3d printing faq:

free models: #test if your machine ins really good

best of free models collection:


create models:

other programs:

object placement / slice / convert 3d models into gcode: #gcode generator #more userfriendly skeinforge #gcode generator #object placement, slice

3d printings services next to you:

Filament calculator:

pla vs abs:

3d printers: #ThomasSanladerers reviews of 3d printers #$199.99 #problem with prusa i3 surprise paket, you do not know what you will get, same with android phones instead of iphones, so many different sellers ~180€ (ebay) #old ultimaker was also build from wood.. ( ~460€ ~700€
Fabrikator_Mini_3D_Printer tiny boy 1.5 ~160€
Malyan_M150 ~250€ #no safety, not allowed in eu, thats the reason for all good cheap printers
Lulzbot TAZ 6 ~2500$ #recommended #good customizeable printer from a great opensource company but maybe expensive
I3 2.1 duplicator wanhao ~419€ (ebay) ~350€ #dental printer #mostly based on their alu profiles, not the best printers, the owner of the site wants to make money (also did kickstarter..) #expensive printers, not up to date results, prices change, only 15 printers tested..

It is hard to make a selfbuild delta printer print good big parts
it looks nice in action, but try another model maybe prusa i3 (180 ebay)

what is a good printer based on reviews:

3d printer platics:

magazines: #use of 3d printer

3d scanner:


install instant meshes:
mkdir instantmesh
cd instantmesh
unzip instant*
rm instant*.zip
unzip instant*
rm instant*
~/instantmesh/Instant\ Meshes

other filament ideas:

3d druckverfahren:
Thermischer 3D-Druck (heißklebepistole)
Polyjet (auftragen des flüssigen kunststoff und polymerisation mit uv licht)
3D-Druck (bindematerial auf lose materialschicht, zb sand > lose schichten fallen nachher weg)
Selektives Laser-Sintern (pulverschicht wird stück für stück aufgetragen und mit laser gesintert > lose schichten fallen nachher weg)
Laser-Sintern (material wird gezielt aufgetragen und dann verschmolzen)

drone links:
======================= #31€ #20€ät/dp/B01AD4FEM6 #86€ #40€ #reviews


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