install and setup kinect xbox 360 1473 with Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen Display [raspberrypi 2B]

based on:

download raspbian jessie-lite and burn it on a sd-card:
this tutorial was made with:

install desktop lxde and enable boot to desktop:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install lxde-core -y #takes very long
sudo apt install lightdm -y && sudo raspi-config
now choose:
> 3 Boot Options > B4 Desktop Autologin > press Enter > go to Finish (press two times arrow right) > press Enter

install dependencies to compile the following things:
sudo apt install build-essential python-dev ipython python-opencv \
python-numpy python-scipy \
git-core git \
freeglut3 freeglut3-dev libxmu-dev libxi-dev \
cmake cmake-curses-gui pkg-config \
libudev-dev \

get the code for libusb and configure it:
cd ~
wget && \
tar xvjf libusb-1.0.19.tar.bz2 && \
cd libusb-1.0.19 && \

compile libusb and install libusb:
make && \
sudo make install

get libfreenect and run ccmake:
cd .. && \
git clone && \
cd libfreenect && \
mkdir build && \
cd build && \
ccmake ..

then you will get to a screen where you have to setup the build variables:
press key c
press arrow-key-down-button 7x times to switch to BUILD EXAMPLES
then press Enter-button to switch it to OFF
press key c
press key g

run cmake, make and the install libfreenect:
cmake .. && \
make && \
sudo make install

install some more:
cd ../wrappers/python
sudo python install

connect your kinect to to your pi and run an example file: #worked only for me when run from a keyboard connected to the pi, not over ssh from another computer

cd ~/libfreenect/wrappers/python && \
sudo python

install cmake 3.1.0: #make took about ~25min
based on:
tar xzf cmake-3.1.0.tar.gz
cd cmake-3.1.0/
make -j 4
sudo make install

other interesting links:


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