offline working [debian]

install kiwix(wikipedia offline reader):
cd ~
#wget #for 32 bit!
tar -xvf kiwix*.tar.bz2
rm kiwix*.bz2
mv kiwix .kiwix
#mkdir -p ~/bin
#ln -s $HOME/.kiwix/kiwix ~/bin

sudo ln -s $HOME/.kiwix/kiwix /bin
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/icons
cd ~/.local/share/icons
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/applications
cd ~/.local/share/applications

things to use:
language =Deutsch

backup your downloaded kiwix files folder:

marble (globe like google earth):
sudo apt install marble

after install:
File > Download maps > OpenTopoMap,Natural Earth III- Oceans with blended depth tints and shading

install goldendict:
sudo apt install goldendict

get dictionarys:

how to import:

gui to search in lot of pdfs at the same time:
based on:
sudo apt install recoll


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