youtube shortcuts [internet]

key:”1″ jump to 10% of the video
key:”2″ jump to 20% of the video
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print digitalcourage calendar / google calendar [internet]

digitalcourage calendar 2017: #free #donate version

digitalcourage calendar 2016: #free

google calendar:
top right on “month”-ly view top right on “more” -> “print” “print area” -> “three month”

Browser Addons / add search engines / shortcuts [palemoon, iceweasel, firefox, opera, vivaldi, iron, chrome]

Firefox/ Iceweasel/ Palemoon:

to edit the config write:

to open addons write in adressbar:
about:addons #instead of ghostery and ublock maybe #better for lot of opened tabs #download lot of files from a page #block advertising #no script
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