Inhaltsverzeichnis erstellen LibreOffice Writer / Microsoft Word [Windows / Linux]

Libreoffice Writer: Continue reading


read your windows key[windows]


unzip it and burn it onto a cd-crom

boot from that cd-rom:
if it shows the correct windows press “enter”
press enter some more times (was round about 20 times for me)
choose option 2: “RecoveryConsole parameters [software]”
choose option 4: “Show product key (DigitalProductID)”
write “q” then press enter to quit
write “n” then press enter to quit
remove the cd-rom from your pc
press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del

gimp (addons, tools, brushes) [windows, ubuntu]

gimp photoshop theme:
based on:

to install it:
mv ~/.gimp-2.8 ~/.gimp-2.8_old
unp unp gimp_2_8_photoshop_*.zip
rm gimp_2_8_photoshop_*.zip

gimp instagram effects:
based on:

get it:

install orton-effect: Continue reading