install wollmux [linux]

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install nextcloud (owncloud fork) on raspberry pi [raspberrypi2]

updated for 11.0.1

when i took the ready made sd-card from this tutorial for the pi2 and inserted it into a rpi1B (512mb ram) it worked,
but nextcloud was operating slower and it had problems to upload a 250MB file
you can see how much ram you have with running:
free -m

based on:

1) download, write image
2) enable ssh,change password, resize, update, upgrade image
2.3) optional install byobu and liquidprompt (easier to manage the terminal)
3) install nextcloud
4) install no-ip
5) port forwarding in your router
6) install letsencrypt
7) configure apache2
8) setting strong directory permissions
9) do backgroundjobs with cron instead of AJAX
10) install your nextcloud clients on your devices (smartphone, pc)
11) security
—11.0) upgrade nextcloud when a new release arrives
—11.1) check your ssl connection
—11.2) enable fail2ban for logins
—11.3) install ufw (uncomplicated firewall)
—11.4) manually check log files
—11.5) run update && upgrade on a regular basis
12) daily backup nextcloud(rsync data and config directorys to usb-stick)
13) upgrade
—13.a) upgrade manually(if a new version is avaliable, for example from 11.0.1 to 11.0.2)
—13.b) upgrade web based(if a new version is avaliable, for example from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2)
14) nextcloud’s command line
15) other stuff

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